Sunday, March 20, 2016

Do you love to watch the sunset at the beach? You will love this.

I love to watch the waves wash up on the sand. But I haven't been to a beach in a number of years. I especially love to watch the sunset over the water with nothing but the sounds of the waves in my ears.

Tonight I found on Joan Gage's blog, this video and I am listening to it as I write. Watching the video from You Tube is mesmerizing just like being on Panama City Beach when I was younger and lived nearer the ocean. 

I grew up in Albany, GA, just about three hours from the Gulf of Mexico. My sister and I, and our friends, often drove to the beach on a Saturday and came home the same day. We enjoyed dancing at the pavilion and meeting kids from other places. 
When I was older, two of my brothers owned condos on the beach, and when they had vacancies, they generously allowed my husband and me to stay there on weekends.

I am not a typical beach person. I never liked the hot sun and getting sand all over me. I don't like the salt water. It makes me itch and, I admit, I was always a little afraid of it. But I love to sit on a balcony overlooking the water and letting all my cares wash away with the tide. 

My favorite time to go to the shore is in winter when I have to wear a jacket if I go for a walk. Of course, all the good restaurants and places to go are closed in winter, but still, that is my favorite time to go. As temperatures rise, I would rather sit inside with the AC than sit out in the sun. I like the mountains, where I live now, in summer. 

I had my share of sunburns and dark tans when I was a teenager. I had no idea that I was ruining my skin and daring nature to give me cancer. Now I shun the sun except in small doses and at special times of the day.

These waves are about to put me to sleep so I'd better go to bed. Check out this video and let me know how it makes you feel. 

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DJan said...

I love the ocean, the salt water, the sand, the beach, the waves, and also the sounds. I'll go over there and check it out. Thanks, Glenda. :-)

Abbie Taylor said...

Glenda, I'm listening to your video while writing this. It reminds me of walking on the beach in Florida with my brother. I was there last week, and we took a walk on the beach one evening with the dogs. We hoped to get there in time to watch the sun set but didn't quite make it. It was still enjoyable, though. Thanks for bringing back that feeling.