Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas - now I can enjoy the season

Today I feel I can relax and enjoy the holidays. Until today, I have had something hanging over me that kept me from focusing on Christmas.

I hosted a panel discussion yesterday at our local library on publishing and marketing your writing. Thankfully, I had volunteers who helped me. We all learned from the three authors on the panel, each of whom wrote different kinds of books. Even the best authors, however, stew under the pressure of marketing their books. 
Photo by Joan Ellen Gage
I tried to shed some light on how poets can get prepared before they have the books in hand. With the glut of books on the market these days, it is very hard for a new author to get attention. 

But today I feel relieved it is over. I just wish it had gone perfectly. I am a perfectionist in many ways and when I am responsible, I want it as near perfect as it can be. 

I realize you can't control the behavior of others, but it irritates me that someone agrees to be on a panel discussion but stands up and does a presentation on himself instead of taking the questions and becoming part of a discussion. That is bad etiquette, and he will not likely be invited to take part in another program. This little quirk upset the schedule and made us run over our time so many people did not have a chance to question the other panelists. 

Readers, have you ever faced this situation? I felt my other two panelists were cheated out of their time to talk. I finally had to cut him off by going to the podium and preparing to speak. 

One thing I have learned in the past twenty years is that if you want to be successful in anything, don't be pompous, arrogant or demeaning of others. What one must do to be successful is think of others first. 

This author did have some good content to offer. I hope those attending took away all the information given and can use it in their own writing career.

I am now ready to finish my Christmas shopping, online, and wrap presents. This past week I attended a lovely afternoon party with good friends and had lunch with two of my dearest friends, Mary Mike and Estelle. So the holidays have crept in a bit already, but from now until December 26, I am all in. 

Estelle Rice and Mary Mike Keller

I hope all of you, my special friends of the blogosphere, will have a glorious holiday season. Stay well and love one another. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the event didn't go as planned but glad you can now put it behind you and enjoy the holiday season.