Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cleaning Out the Office

I am happy that I can come into my office and work at my computer tonight without feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter that had accumulated over the past year.

With help from a great organizer and de-clutterer, I emptied about ten boxes and threw out three garbage bags of papers. We shredded more and have more to shred in the coming days. Sarah, a nurse, took one of her free days to dig me out.

Going through things always is bitter-sweet for me. One box we opened had contents of Barry's desk drawer. I was glad that Sarah was as careful of his things as I was and neither of us threw away much of what he had used in his every day life. When I found anything written in his hand writing, I still could not let it go. We agreed. One day when I am no longer here, someone will toss all of this and it won't matter anymore. But for now, he is so much a part of me and this house. His things belong here with my own.

We gathered up old cell phones and chargers that probably go to nothing I have here now and put them in a bag for recycling. We took some things I never use, but just don't want to get rid of yet, down to the basement storage room. We worked for five hours and emptied all the boxes, but my day bed in the office is covered with paper items that I still have to look at and decide what to keep and what to discard in the coming days. 

A few containers we emptied today. I hope I don't fill them again.

I am tired and my head hurts, but it is such a relief to pare down and try to cut the clutter as much as I possibly can. Sarah plans to check on me and remind me to complete this big job we started today. But right now, I am going to bed.


DJan said...

Glad you got through so much clutter, Glenda. It's always a chore and it makes my head hurt, too. But look at all the progress you've made! :-)

Abbie Taylor said...

I'm also finding it hard to let go of Bill's things. I should empty his side of our closet, his bookcase, and his office, but after two years, I still can't bring myself to do it or find someone to help me do it. When I'm gone, someone else can throw it all out, I guess.