Saturday, January 11, 2014

Family Photos from annual Christmas Party

If you are a regular reader, you know I like to use pictures as prompts for stories and essays. I am sharing some photos from our recent family Christmas party down in Albany, Georgia.

Stu and Gay, Me, and my only brother still living, Max and his wife, Salita.
No one would believe that in May his cardiologist had given up on him.
 Max has been the subject of a number of essays I've written and is in a few poems. His life is rich and has the makings of a good book.
One of my handsome nephews. He is a Star Teacher and loves his work.

"The Kids" - my nieces and nephews and some cousins

As Scott Owens has said, as long as we have family we never run out of subject matter for our writing. The tall handsome guy in the very back has a darling grandson, Elliott. This grandfather and I were neighbors on the family farm in south Georgia. He created a Haunted Forest that brings hundreds out to be frightened every October. 

The men in the above photo are all Councils. The three women on the left are children of Councils. The two women right in the middle are descendants of the Robison family, my mother's maiden name.

I learned yesterday that Mary Mike Keller will once again teach her genealogy class with writing about our ancestors for Writers Circle studio in Hayesville in 2014. My study of my family history began many years ago and I have tons of research printed and in my computer. I published a family history, "Profiles and Pedigrees, Thomas C. Council and his Descendants" in 1998. 

I believe that we should document our family history, stories and details that others will never know unless we take the time to write it down. Although "The Kids" might not be interested in collecting the history at the time, there will come a time when they will wish they had asked more questions and saved more things relating to their ancestors. 

Do you need a prompt to get you started with writing today?

Choose a family member and write what you remember from childhood about this person. Include details.


DJan said...

I love to look at pictures of families. Thanks for bringing me up to date with them all. I do enjoy perusing family photos! :-)

Anonymous said...

You have some nice pictures here. Thanks for the prompt.

Glenda Beall said...

DJan and Abbie, thank you for leaving your comments. My niece, Carrie, made the photos. She has opened her own business as an event planner. Wish her luck. She is good at this kind of work.