Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Poets and Poetry

We have a great time at Writers Night Out in Young Harris, GA on the second Friday of each month. Karen Holmes hosts this event and has been doing a great job of bringing excellent writers to our area for a number of years now.

If you live in the surrounding area - Cherokee, Clay, Towns, Union or Fannin Counties - be sure you drop in this Friday night to hear two poets from the Atlanta area.

Everyone is welcome. Come early and have dinner. Bring a poem or short prose piece to share. You will find a warm and friendly group. 

I am sharing a poem from my book, Now Might as Well be Then, published by Finishing Line Press. Hope you enjoy it. 

Listening for the Rain

The leaves lose their chlorophyll
slowly brown and curl,
then drift like flying birds
to nestle on the ground.

The grass that once was springy
underfoot, now crackles when I walk.
Blades break and lie in shattered shreds
on barren ground.

Last night brought rain.
I woke to hear it tapping
on parched leaves, gently at first,
then a steady pouring stream
rushing through the trees.

Too late for the corn, my father says
across the bridge of time.
Maybe it will save the pasture,
give us one more haying
before summer ends. 


www.roughwighting.net said...

I love your Listening for Rain poem - evocative, sad, shot me right into fall.

Glenda C. Beall said...

Hi Roughwighting, I am happy to have you read my post and so glad you enjoyed my poem. How are things in CA?
Do you have a fall season where you live?