Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We are all hurting in some way. What do we need?

This post was written a few weeks ago and saved in Draft. 

Just one year ago, we three sisters had our picture made in front of Gay's lovely mantel. As always we were so happy to be together.

Gay, June, Glenda at Christmas
We never know how long we will have the ones we love. Life is a fragile thing. Parents send their children off to school never imagining they might not return alive at the end of the day.

 We should not miss the opportunity to show our love when we can, in any way we can. Although our own lives become filled with busy projects, work, church, exercise, clubs, and so many things, let us stop and reflect on where our energy might best be spent. It gives me peace to know I am loved by my family and friends, and I want my family and friends to know I love them. Don't take for granted the ones closest to us. We must also take care of ourselves so that we can help take care of those we love.

I hope my sister Gay takes good care of herself in the coming months. I hope my nieces, Lee and Lyn, take care of themselves as well. And I hope Charlie takes care of himself as he makes another move and tries to pick up his life.
They all gave so much of themselves for June's well-being. Now they need special love and care. Caregivers often find it hard to go on with their lives after devoting so much of themselves to another. When I lost my mother after caring for her for a decade, I was bereft, lost in a world where I couldn't find my footing anymore. It took time and work to get myself on track again.

In spite of the horror we have seen the past few days about those precious children and dedicated teachers of Newtown, we must continue to love our fellow man. Try a little random act of kindness.
Everyone is hurting in some way.
It is very hard to be human in this world today.

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Lise said...

Glenda, your last 3 lines really resonate with me...it is so true, each and every one of us can use a little random act of kindness, and when share a kind moment with someone else, not only do they feel better but so do we. Thanks for the reminder:)

And a sincere thank you for your kind words on my blog...a complement from you means a lot!!!