Sunday, December 16, 2012

Books I'm Giving for Christmas

I imagine most writers give books as Christmas gifts. I know I do.

This year I am giving Maren Mitchell's non-fiction book, Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider's Guide. So many people I know live with chronic pain of one sort or another. I have lived with pain for years, and have tried a number of the techniques used by Maren, and found them successful. She has done the research for those who deal with daily pain and presents the results in her book. Go to to order it.

I am also giving a delightful memoir by Nadine Justice, I'm a Coal Miner's Daughter, But I Cain't Sang. This author writes with humor and with authenticity. Poppy George, her grandfather really did ride his horse into the church and up to the altar. She discovered her Aunt Becky's store in a little town in Turkey where she lived for several years. 
To order copies of this memoir, email:
I'm a Coal Miner's Daughter, But I Cain't Sang
by Nadine Justice
United Writers Press
ISBN 978-1-934216-83-5

I will give the latest anthology edited by Robert S. King and published by FutureCycle Press, American Society:
What Poets See. I am impressed by the quality of work in this book which deserves accolades and I plan to write a review of it and hope others will take the time to do the same. Read the excellent review on

I dearly love For One Who Knows How to Own Land, poetry collection by Scott Owens. I will likely leave this in someones's stocking as well. 

My friend, Celia Miles, has a new book that will be out soon,  Sarranda's Heart, that is a sequel to Sarranda. Both books are historical fiction and women’s fiction—novels of a strong woman enduring and surviving the cruelties behind the battlefields, the home scene during devastatingly hard times of defeat and afterwards. Readers of Sarranda say they can't wait to read Sarranda's Heart. Give a copy of Sarranda this Christmas and follow with the sequel next year.

I recommend my poetry book, Now Might as Well be Then, and the anthology, On our OwnWidowhood for Smarties, which anyone will find to be eye-opening and should read even if they have not met yet with grieving the loss of a spouse or child. Read this anthology and be prepared.

What books are on your gift list? Which are on your wish list?

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