Friday, April 6, 2012

Sleep, Spring, and Super Bugs

After two days of fighting a respiratory bug that seemed invincible, I lie in bed tonight with Tiger on the pillow beside me, the rain pelting the new leaves on trees outside my window. My hope is that rain washes all the pollen away and I can open my windows again.

April, considered to be the beautiful month spring really begins, is usually a tough month for most of us who have allergies. Instead of digging in the dirt, planting flowers, and enjoying the vibrant color of the forests, the dogwood, and oodles of other trees I can't name, I watch from inside - inside my car and inside my house.

To fight the symptoms of allergy turned ugly, I take over the counter antihistimine which gives me a strange "I don't care about anything but sleep" feeling. I realized today, in that state between total sleep and aware-of-someone- in-the-room, I could hear that a tornado was about to hit my house and I'd just pull the covers over my head and ignore it. I hate being drugged. I don't like feeling I'm not in control of myself.

All those writers who drink and use drugs because they think it makes them more creative, well, I could not be one of them. I don't refuse pain pills when I hurt, but I'd rather deal with it than be unstable or unsure of myself. Guess I could never be a junkie.

I had to cancel my class tonight. I am sorry that three students did not get the message and showed up anyway. I missed seeing them and hearing what they had writen this week.

I can't keep my eyes open another minute. Sleep is healing, they say, so I expect to be well tomorrow.



WHen you get, give. When you learn, teach. Maya Angelou.
Love the quote. I don't remember reading your posts before but I'm happy I stumbled on it today.
I have allergies, perhaps not as severe as yours but enough to drive me bonkers when I want to do other things beside wipe my nose and eyes.
And I hate taking meds. I do when I have to but it's not what I want to do. Similarities.
Thanks for sharing this post.
My first novel just went on Kindle March 1, titled VADA FAITH. I'm excited to be now working on the paperbacks with Createspace at Amazon.
I started out years (and years) ago writing essays. My first love. That and short stories. Another similarity.
Hope the allergies soon clear up and you'll have a clear writing day!
Barbara Whittington

Glenda jBeall said...

Thank you, Barbara, for stopping by Writers Circle.
I hope you will follow us and subscribe to our blog.
Congratulations on your first novel. I wonder if I can get it on my Nook?

I will look for it.
Yes, we do have some similarities, don't we?

Abbie Taylor said...

You're right. Sleep is one of the best medicines when you're sick. I hope you feel better soon.

Joan Ellen Gage said...

I know what you mean, Glenda. I was in NC before the pollen was really bad, then returned to Florida.

Fortunately, I missed the worst pollen in Florida while I was away. I use some nasal sprays and Zertac when I need it. It doesn't make be too sleepy.

Feel better soon!

Glenda Beall said...

Thanks, Joan. I use Zertec also and I have stayed inside most of the time during pollen season, but something got me.

I'm trying antibiotics now. Maybe it is an infection.