Friday, December 30, 2011

Forty Years of Marriage and still in love

 Happy 40th wedding anniversary to Stu and Gay, two wonderfully good people.

My sister, Gay, has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She has a Master's degree in Counseling and is a compassionate and caring person. I am grateful to have her in my life. I wrote a story about her that was published in an anthology. I could write a book about her.

Stu Moring, an engineer and super person, has won numerous awards for his work. This Chicago man met and married my southern sister and they have lived happily for forty years. The two of them helped me through all the dark places in my life.

Smokie, the pup, was new to the family in this pic

Gay and a friendly bird in Hawaii
Gay raised a squirrel when she was in high school. He grew up fat and sassy. She released him to the outdoors when she left for college. He could be seen close around our house for a long time. But he finally found himself a mate and left for good.

Today Gay and Stu love and enjoy Smokie, a darling little Schnauzer and a three year old, Sunny, who came from Logan's Run Rescue. These are the luckiest dogs in this world.

Aren't they cute?


DJan said...

How wonderful! Yes, those doggies are lucky, but Gay and Stu are also lucky to have each other and forty years of marriage behind them. I had to try several times before I found my guy, but now it's almost been twenty years we've been together.

And it's so wonderful to have a sister who supports you in the hard times and celebrates with you in the good times. I've got one of those, too. Happy New Year and keep up the good work! :-)

Ginny said...

Congratulations, Stu & Gay!
I feel truly blessed to know you.
Love, Ginny

clay said...

Congratulations to Gay and Stu, forty years,half a life time on this earth. We wish you every happiness at this wonderful benchmark in your lives and an eternity of continued happiness together.
Clay and Joy

Nancy Simpson said...

Happy anniversary to Gay and Stu.

Tipper said...

Congrats to Stu and Gay-such an accomplishment!

I'm so glad you have both of them in your life!

Such a cute photo of Gay and the 2 doggies at the end of the post : )

Gay said...

Glenda, what a nice post about our anniversary! The pictures were nice, but as you know, I haven't liked a picture of myself in years. Thanks to all who sent congratulations to us. We do so appreciate your kindness.