Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day, June 14

On Flag Day, June 14, 1964, I awoke anxious and teary. You would have thought I was on my way to the gallows. My beloved called me and all I could do was cry. "What in the world is wrong?" he asked.
"I don't know. I just can't stop crying."
That was how my wedding day began. I have heard of grooms passing out and bride's jitters, but I was a basket case. My sweet mother kept reassuring me that if I didn't want to go through with the wedding it was all right. But that was not my problem. I wanted to get married,  but I was terrified of getting married. What if I was making a huge mistake? Would my life be ruined?
But then I'd think about him and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

By the time I reached the First Methodist Church,  my anxiety had become nervous laughter. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. The wedding took place at 3:00 PM. I barely remember the ceremony.
 I remember that I was doing well until my brothers came through the receiving line. They looked so serious -- almost as if they were attending a funeral. Then I began to bawl again.
What did Barry's mother and father think? They probably were afraid their son had married some kind of a mental case. Luckily they had known me for almost a year.
On that lovely sunny day, much like today -- which would have been our 47th  anniversary --I embarked on a journey with the kindest man, the wittiest man, a man who would protect me and do all he could to make me happy. What a journey with its ups and downs, its peaks and deep valleys that we traveled together never giving up on each other or our marriage, even when days were darkest.
I loved his family and he loved mine. We felt we had it all, and we did. We really had all that mattered.

Miracle of Love
                     for Barry

You brought me spring in winter.
The cold melted away,
as jonquils bloomed
and tulips tilted delicate edges
toward the sun.

You brought me sunshine
in the storm.
As dark clouds raced past,
you opened mirrors in blue sky
to reflect the butterflies.

You brought me youth when I was old,
you found my childhood self.
You touched my soul with tenderness,
a touch of love so deep
my spirit wept.


Anonymous said...

Glenda, I can't begin to imagine what these last months have been like for you. I thank you for sharing your wedding day with us. I was calm as a cucumber, until it was over, and we were on our way to our honeymoon in Jekyl Island. Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. At least you got through your early! That was so cute Glenda, we never know how we'll react in stress, but you made a wise decision and had a great husband for a long time. Enjoyed your poem so much as well. Blessings from now on...Glenda Barrett

JLC said...

I can't believe I just read this post today. The poem is one to cherish. Thank you for sharing. Your post made me want to tell someone all about my own wedding day, the way fisherman vie with one another with their fish stories.

About 20 years after our marriage, I wrote a poem about our honeymoon.

December Honeymoon

In a strange room, crepuscular,
the window a pier glass glow
that overlooks the rink
where one skater turns in slow motion
on the ice, hemmed around by planes of grey rock
like a puppet or the dancer on a music box…
I turn from chiaroscuro as your arms steal around me.
Over your shoulder I see roses glow faintly
in the gloom, recalling color.
We are still.

The light is orange now you’ve kindled logs.
We raise our glasses in a toast at arms’ length.
I stand in white, motionless…
See you tall against the window, your eyes shadowed.
You sip, set down your glass.
I shiver.

Now embers slowly pulse;
roses glow dim beyond the bed.
Through my lashes I see the hollow
at the base of your throat, touch the long curve of your thigh.
I listen in the sliding hours to your gentle breathing.
We are still.

Glenda said...

Thank you, Glenda. You also made a good choice. It's funny. You headed for the beach on your honeymoon. We headed for the mountains - Gatlinburg, TN. What great memories!
Thanks for leaving your comment.

Glenda said...

Oh, Joan. what a beautiful poem, sensuous and romantic. Thanks for sharing it here.Brought tears to my eyes.