Saturday, February 26, 2011

Writing from Lists

A faithful reader reminded me I haven't been posting regularly. I know. I haven't. My classes at ICL began recently. I went to Roswell for a birthday luncheon. We did not expect to end up in the E.R. of North Fulton Hospital that night. After several hours in the emergency room, my sister, June, was finally admitted about 3:00 AM. I sent the others home around midnight when we were told she would be staying. They had to work and take care of other business on Thursday morning.

Being the night owl I am, I didn't expect staying awake all night would be any problem, and it wasn't. The problem, as any writer would agree, was that I didn't have my computer or even any paper with me.

Totally unprepared to sit all night with nothing to do, I meditated for awhile. Calmed for the first time all day, I was ready to write. In desperation I asked the nurse for paper - any kind - small pieces, yes.

I made lists. Lists are good jumping off places for writing. Make a list of all the places you have lived. You'd be surprised at how many you remember. Choose one of those places and draw a floor plan of the house or apartment. Next, take a walk through that house, room by room, and let the memories flow. Who do you remember here. How was the room decor ted? Were there drapes or curtains? What colors predominated this room?
Dwell on each room and ask yourself why do you remember this room? You will find a memory and turn it into a story. Try it.

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