Friday, December 24, 2010


As I sit with a cup of eggnog, Rocky in his bed and Smokie’s little face buried in her paws, sleeping, it seems that Christmas is over. We celebrated with a traditional turkey dinner today. Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis and Andy Williams filled the house with Christmas music. Nothing can replace those voices and their songs of Christmas for me. Thank you, Public TV, for bringing back the Andy Williams Christmas shows.

Memories flood my mind at this time of year. My parents invited relatives to come to our house on Christmas Eve. Mother’s birthday was December 23. That was also the birthday of her sister Mildred. The party was a celebration of these two lovely women and also a Christmas celebration.

Some of my uncles and aunts were young enough to enjoy a square dance in the dining room, where the table had been moved out and the chandelier hung a little higher so the tall men wouldn’t hit their heads. I still see their faces, smiling and happy as they followed the calls. My siblings and my cousins would swing their partners and do-se-do around the room. My father, who was not a dancer, sat in the family room with Uncle Jimmy and others who liked to hear tales of long ago. Warm memories of dear loved ones who are no longer with us glow in my heart on Christmas Eve.

Today we made new memories as we enjoyed our time together. What could be better than visiting with friends I’ve known for thirty years or more? They brought a pretty little dog they rescued a couple of years ago. Her name is Holly. She is blind in one eye. Holly was not very receptive to Smokie and Rocky. She felt most comfortable in her crate. Smokie was determined Holly was going to play with her, but Rocky got the message quickly and left her alone. With cameras within reach, we made photos of the dogs and of each other.

We played Catch-Phrase. If you haven’t played this word game, next time you have a group together try it.I haven’t laughed so much in a long, long time. I am a pretty good player, but I couldn’t help but think about Barry who was not a word person. I’m sure he would have taken a nap or gone out to smoke his pipe while we played, if he had been here today.

Our woods will be beautiful with snow tomorrow. A white Christmas.

Tiger, the cat, will curl up in her new bed and sleep the day away. She isn’t a cold weather cat and Rocky is not fond of it either. We enjoy watching it fall and mound on our deck, but isn’t it wonderful to have a warm home when the cold wind howls outside? Just one of the things I’m so grateful for this Christmas.


Nancy Simpson said...

Happy Holidays Glenda. Although Christmas has come and gone, I'm wishing you a joyful and healthy year in 2011 with lots of publishing.

Glenda Beall said...

Happy New year to you, Nancy.
I am feeling very positive about the new year. I am really going to get more work submitted in the comming year.