Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am not writer lady anymore, but...

Tiger would like to help me
when I use the computer. Wonder if she can
solve my blogging problems. She is wise.
Blogging is still baffling to me in many ways. I need more instruction on what to do when I sign in with my preferred Yahoo address, but my blog will not let me post under that address.

This blog still prefers I sign in with my old, hacked email address, writerlady21, which I cannot even get into now.
So, if you see anything that says to contact me with a writerlady 21 E-mail address, please ignore it. Don't write me at that e-mail address.

My new Yahoo address is .
I have been wondering why I lost my followers for this blog, but the peculiar way blogger is having me sign in makes me wonder if those who were subscribed left because of my past problems with it.

You are safe here so please leave comments and come back to visit when you can.

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