Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wild Goose Poetry Review is Archiving Summer Issue

Wild Goose Poetry Review is about to archive its Summer Issue.

I went back and read the poetry in this issue.

You might enjoy reading Netwest members' Maren Mitchell's poem about the huggable bear on her deck and Brenda Kay Ledford's poem on the mountains, but be sure to also read the work of Anthony Abbott, Debra Kaufman, Caren Masem and others.

Look for more Netwest poets in upcoming issue of Wild Goose Poetry Review by Scott Owens.

Summer 2010 Contents of Wild Goose Poetry Review

Debra Kaufman, On Learning His Diagnosis
Debra Kaufman, The Drought Speaks
Debra Kaufman, In the Euclid Library
Linda Parsons Marion, Huge
Linda Parsons Marion, Hunger
Maren Mitchell, Seldom Seen
Maren Mitchell, The Next Bus

Maren Mitchell, Sweet Basil,
Caren Masem, A Woman of Substance
Caren Masem, Hard Hiking
Clare L. Martin, Open Me with a Fire of Words
Anthony Abbott, At the Christmas Party
Anthony Abbott, This Is Not a Dream
Harry Calhoun, Emotional Wreck
Austin Rory Hackett, The Best Blues Are Written in the Fall
Austin Rory Hackett, Gravedigger Diction
Douglas Anne McHargue, The Power of the Moon
Douglas Anne McHargue, Dowager Queen
Douglas Anne McHargue, Blue Neon Bar
Bethea Buchanan, Albert Albert
Jean Rodenbough, At San Damiano
Ethan Sigmon, Languish
Harry Youtt, And What of the Dawn
Frank Finney, When
Lisa Brewer, Opportunity Knocked
Brenda Kay Ledford, Appalachian Mountains


Steve Roberts, Another Word for Home

Rhett Iseman Trull, The Real Warnings

Richard Krawiec, Editor, The Sound of Poets Cooking

Ami Kaye, What Hands Can Hold

Richard Allen Taylor, Punching through the Egg of Space

David T. Manning, Continents of Light

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