Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pursue Your Dreams Now

Some of my students at JCCFS in 2009
April 6, we begin our Spring and Summer sessions with a class titled Who are You  and Why do You Write? I teach that class and the class is full but we will take names for a waiting list.

In May, Mary Mike Keller, talented writer and artist, teacher and genealogist, will teach a class of three sessions, one class each Wednesday for three weeks, on finding your ancestors and writing about them.

On June 19, Rosemary Royston, who just completed her MFA, will teach Humor in Poetry. We all like to laugh, and Rosemary is one of the best at putting that little twist of humor in her poetry.

I will also teach another writing class in June. Date to be Announced.

Estelle Rice will teach this summer and we hope to have the dates for her class next week.

Stay tuned and put these dates on your calendar if you are a beginning or even experienced writer, because there will be something here for you.

Tonight I heard from a man who was in one of my classes at John Campbell Folk School a few years ago. He had never thought he would write, but has now gone on to take two more classes at JCCFS, and now wants a recommendation for his application to get his MFA. Oh, yeah, he is retired after a long medical career. He plans to write fiction.

It is never too late to pursue your dreams. Go for it. Congrats, Don.

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