Saturday, March 27, 2010

Phishing, scamming, lying and stealing my Yahoo address

I have been scammed or whatever the term is for someone stealing my Yahoo ID and account.
My friends and everyone in my Yahoo address book has been targeted with an email that seems to be from me, but it is not.
This email asks for money to help me while I am in England for a funeral.
Well, I am not in England. I am not asking for money and I urge you to not open any emails from my Yahoo address.

Delete the email and don't respond to it. I am trying to get to the bottom of this, but it is difficult.
Be aware of anything unusual and don't send money to someone in a foreign country until you have fully checked it out.


Joan Ellen Gage said...

I saw this email and was immediately suspicious. I had read where someone had done this with an account on Facebook.
I guess you have to change your account and email?

Glenda Council Beall said...

Yes, Joan, anyone who knows me very well was suspicious. But some dear folks responded right away with, "Of course I will help. what do you want me to do?"
But then realized it was not an email from me at all. Most friends began calling and emailing to check the validity of this bogus message.
I guess we cannot be too careful and so I am in the process of deleting this email address and opening another.

Karen Hurtubise said...

Hi Glenda,
We just returned from my husband's father's funeral in Chicago, a sudden surprise. He found this email from your yahoo address this Saturday and pointed it out as not seeming to be correct given that you are a writer for one thing. Thanks for posting about your address. We will delete this. Hope you get to the bottom of this theft. Be well--Karen H
Here is the fake email(does not include a salutation by the way):

"How's the weekend going? I hope everything is alright. Please I need you to help me out with something. Can I get a loan from you urgently? I`ll reimburse you under a week, I promise. I need to solve some personal problems at hand which have been giving me worries. I`d also prefer if we discuss this through email as I`m presently in England for a friend's funeral. I`m sorry if I didn`t inform you about it, but please try and understand. I`ll let you know how much I need if you are willing to assist me. Thanks,
Glenda Beall

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Glenda said...

I'm so, so sorry about your husband's father. Give him my sympathy, please.
I am so upset over this nut using my name like this. I think it is one of the foreign spammers who seem to plague us online.
Thanks for stopping in.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Glenda, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I'm glad you caught it. All of this is just so unfair.