Monday, March 29, 2010

Can't Change Email Address with Blogger

The only way I can get into this blog is to continue to use the writerlady21 email address, but I have changed my password so I hope the hacker cannot get into this email account again. However, I am still working on changing my email for the blog.
I never knew how difficult it was to change things. Although I have another Google account, I can't seem to use it for this blog.
I am so sorry for the problems this worm or hacker has caused those who had subscribed to my blogs. Some of you out there received a fake email asking you to send money and it was signed by me and using my email signature.
I even received one in my email.
So I have spent the better part of two days trying to get my email straightened out.
I will not send anyone an email from the writerlady21 email address. If you receive one you should probably just ignore it.
However, if you subscribe to this blog, I assume you will get the posts from the writerlady address.
My head hurts from fooling with this all day.
I suggest you change your password for any email accounts and do that often.
I will do that in the future and hope it will help to keep this from happening to me again.

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