Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Write About My Loves

There are times when I just have to write about what is happening at this moment. Tiger, my bob-tailed cat, is sitting on the arm of my chair watching every letter that forms on the screen of this laptop. She is fascinated by a computer. As she sits and watches me write, her purring is soothing.

I wonder what is going on in her mind as she watches my hands move and the cursor jump across the screen. Does she have a mind? I don't know, but she certainly has a curiosity about what is going on around her.

Cats are different from dogs. Rocky pays no attention to what I'm doing unless I get up, turn out the lights and head to the bedroom. Of course he is right on my heels when I go into the kitchen. And he becomes quickly alert when a vehicle enters our boundaries. He knows which ones are acceptable and which ones are suspect.

The gas truck is one Rocky warns me about and, if he had his way, that man would not stop and get out. Rocky can't seem to understand that if that man does not get out of his truck and invade Rocky's yard, the black stove with the gas logs will not make the warmth the dog enjoys lying in his bed and sleeping before the fire.

Tiger cares not a fig about the gas man because he doesn't come inside the house and disturb her. She curls up on my bed during the day and sleeps or sits on her kitty condo and looks out at the hungry birds on the suet feeder. Her round head moves with the birds as they flit from one feeder to another. I've never seen her kill anything, but Barry saw her catch a chipmunk and a lizard. I'm glad I didn't see that. Even though she is quite domesticated Tiger still has some of the wild inside her. I see that as she crouches behind the sofa and readies herself to pounce upon an unsuspecting Rocky as he passes by.

Two rescued animals and they could not be more loved or more loving. Click on my little icon on the sidebar (rescue animals) and help feed a homeless animal.


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Kathryn Magendie said...

Our Jake, the big lab, we found skinny and sick when we lived in Louisiana five years ago - we brought him home and he turned into a beautiful shiny boy.

Kayla, our old girl we lost in 2008, my son found her in a cage when she was a tiny puppy - he adopted her on the spot and brought her home and she was mine ever since.

Maggie Lou was just brought home from Sarge's pet adoption about 5 or 6 months ago...

We love our resuces! *smiling*