Tuesday, December 1, 2009

About Glenda

Welcome to My World

Welcome to my personal blog. It is somewhat eclectic in that I post about a number of things in my life.

I enjoy writing, poetry, family history, teaching adults, blogging, speaking on issues I care about, Netwest, animals, riding horses and watching them, photography, and learning new things. I am listed in the directory of Poets and Writers, and I've been published in numerous literary magazines, as well as in Reunion magazine, Georgia Journal, and in anthologies Forks in the Road, Lights in the Mountains, Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers, From Freckles to Wrinkles, In the Yard, Mountain Time, Moonshine and Blind Mules, and others. I have read my stories and poems on WAWL radio in Chattanooga for the Writers Show hosted by Joan Hetzler.

My poetry won third place in the Appalachian Writers Association James Still Poetry contest, and I won first place in the Clay County Arts association poetry contest in 1996.

I served as Program Coordinator for NCWN West from June 1, 2007 until September 1, 2009, building a weblog which brought the nearly 90 members closer and featuring their work online. My first priority for NCWN West was to procur a corporate sponsor, United Community Bank,  and to work more closely with the state organization NCWN.

On this blog, you will see stories about people I know, know of, or have known, poems I've written, poems I like, places I love, photos of loved ones, family members who have passed on, my pets and those of others, and my thoughts on things I know and things I wonder about.
Most recently, Finishing Line Press published my poetry chapbook, NOW MIGHT AS WELL BE THEN. The book can also be purchased from Amazon.com and by contacting me at gbeall500@gmail.com