Friday, October 30, 2009

Mrs. Patrick Swayze Interview on TV

Today I watched the widow of Patrick Swayze on TV. She laughed when she spoke and seemed to be trying too hard to put on a happy face. She and her husband wrote a book together while he was dying. Yet she said they never spoke of what was happening to him - to them. While I could not relate to the false cheery attitude, I could relate to her effort to keep a positive attitude when she was with Patrick. She said she never let him see her cry except the day she told him the diagnosis. I understand how she felt. Oh, if I could do it over again, I'd cry with him and he'd cry also. Instead, we both forced oursleves to be strong for each other. But we do the best we can to keep ourselves together to care for our loved ones. We have to.

How sad that Mrs. Swayze had to go out so early in her mourning period to sell that book. Did her publishers insist she do this? After all, now is the best time to sell the book. A year from now it might not be such a hot item on the book store shelves.
My heart goes out to her. She is suffering like anyone who has lost the love of her life. The interview answers seemed forced, and many of her remarks, along with her laughter and painted-on smile, were pitiful to me. No one should have to go on television with millions of people watching and give deep personal information about the death of her husband of over thirty years. Not so soon after his agonizing death from pancreatic cancer.

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Tipper said...

I didn't see the interview-but I too wondered how she could talk about it so soon-but then since I've never been in her position I didn't know. Maybe like you said-the publishers made her.