Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photos From Your Life - Your Stories

Dr. Don Benson, student in our class in May 2009, sent excellent photos he made during class and at the closing ceremony in the Keith House.

Below, Toni and Kay, after becoming familiar with the computers, type their memories into a story.

Theresa and her friend, Chigger, listen intently as a classmate reads.

Theresa, left, smiles as she remembers Aunt Inez and her sudden desire for baptism. Theresa said the folks who saw the event probably wondered why all those people were trying to drown that elderly woman in the Ohio River.

At the end of the week, the group displayed their stories and anecdotes in an inviting exhibit. The cameras came out to capture their handiwork.

Don wrote, "My wife and I are returning to Campbell in August. I'm scheduled to take Maureen Ryan Griffin's class "Write Like a Genius" while my wife will take Anne Lough's "Beginning Dulcimer"class.
Once again, thank you for re-introducing me to the magic world of writing. I downloaded stories on 'why I write' by Mark Twain, George Orwell and Steven King to my Kindle, so I can read any time - really interesting stuff. I've also started a pocket vocabulary file to catch new, fun words when I find them. I really don't have time for a local writers group right now, but I'm planning on taking at least two courses such as yours each year till I have more free time. I'm excited about moving ahead. Thank you again for re-opening this really wonderful door."
Thank you, Don, for sharing your photos and I'm glad you didn't leave us Sunday evening.


Kathryn Magendie said...

I love looking through old photos....the stories there, the expressions, the things in the background *smiling*

Glenda said...

Kathryn, I find the most wonderful stories in old photographs. I am in the midst of a photo project and have old albums out all over my downstairs office. My student, Don, gave me a good idea. Instead of scanning my old photos, I can take photographs of them which is faster and easier to enter. I want to preserve them digitally.