Friday, March 27, 2009


Five students from my class, fall 2008 at Tri-County Community College, gathered for a reunion and tea at the lovely home of Ash and Liz on a mountain in Warne, NC. It was a joy for me to see everyone and hear some of the stories they had written and some re-written since we were all together last fall.
Before we shared writing, we shared delicious homemade cakes and cookies, fruit and cheese, lovely teas and coffee set up in a room with a gorgeous view of the Tusquittee mountain range.
This is an example of the kind of bonding that comes from sharing our life stories in class. Ash is an octogenarian who has lived an incredible life already, but continues to thrive every day. He is excited about writing and sharing his stories.
The other students are four women who also have unique lives about which they continue to write. Ginny was born in the mountains of North Georgia but grew up and lived most of her life in the Detroit area.
Nadine is from the coal mining area of West Virginia, and is now a sophisticated interior designer. Sara lived her early life in a children's home. She has begun her autobiography and what we heard in class held us spellbound. Vicki hails from south Georgia, as I do, and we have many similar memories.
I feel blessed to have met these writers, and I am honored to be included in their reunions which they have decided to continue. Liz was a good sport and didn't throw us out even though we probably overstayed the time alloted for a "tea."

Thanks so much to Ash and Liz for a delightful afternoon and for bringing everyone together again.

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Ash Rothlein said...

Dear Glenda,

Thank you so much for attending our class reunion at our home March 25th and for posting your wonderful comments

and group photo on your blog. Everyone's new story written and read by the fireplace was both enlightening and inspiring.

I dare say you hardly had much to critique which is a testament to your teaching us how to "Write Right".

In class we learned the techniques and fundamentals of writing prose in a tight form to maintain and accentuate the flow of

our story. You created an atmosphere in class of a comfy fireside chat among budding writers who freely shared their

life stories as we each read and critiqued each other with your overall guidance. Everyone's story gave us bedrock

glimpses into the rich character of the person through the writing of their heartfelt experiences, including yours Glenda,

that you so generously shared with us. You set the stage for us to write so openly from the heart. I do not believe we

could have attained this degree of insight and inspiration without your guidance and encouragement.

Our writing reunion continues on May 27th at Nadine's home and hopefully you'll be able to attend. You brought us all

together in a very special and unique way so we want to keep you and learn from you and continue to grow as writers

and friends.

Thanks again Glenda and many blessings,