Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What is a Neo?

Spending long hours in waiting rooms is not my favorite past time, but I've found a way to ease the boredom, tame anxiety and create a possible piece of writing. Along with magazines, books and chocolate, I take my Neo. A Neo is simple to use. Just turn it on and start typing. Everything is saved as it is typed. I can change the font on my Neo, control the screen contrast, and when I want to store my files on my computer at home it is easy to do with a cable and a USB port.
On this rugged little light-weight laptop, which runs on three AA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack, I can spend hours away from home writing, in the car, in a coffee shop or restaurant, camping in the woods or anywhere I take it. My handwriting has become unreadable and my thumbs don't work as well as they once did to hold a pen. But my typing skills are fine.
The Neo was built for children to use in the classroom, and it has a tough exterior that withstands dropping or rough treatment. The Neo can be connected to another used by the teacher. I have learned just a few of the many things I can do on this little gadget, but all I have wanted so far is to write and to download my files to either my printer or my computer.

No wires, no internet and no email to steal my valuable writing time. With the Neo you get software that works with Windows or MacIntosh.

PET Scans take hours and while I've sat in the waiting rooms I have done character sketches of the men and women who, like me, wait. I've imagined what these people think and how they feel as they wait. While I'm concentrating on them, my anxiety level falls and my creative mind takes me away for awhile.
While traveling by car, I take notes on scenery or other things I might use in poetry or an essay. I note comments made between me and my husband that should be followed up later. I've never found such a handy tool for writing.

My Neo was a birthday present. A famous writer said he takes his Neo when he flies so he can easily type and save his work.

I have absolutely no financial interest in this company, but I wanted to share this neat little keyboard with my readers. It has taken the place of a pad and pen and I take it almost everywhere these days.


My Carolina Kitchen said...

Glenda, what a neat keyboard. I'm not familiar with the Neo but now I've got to have one. My husband says I hog our computer but he's kidding most of the time because he is very supportive of my writing. How much does it hold before you have to download it at home?
Looks like little Neo could become my new best friend. Thanks for this great information.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Thanks for sharing information about the Neo. Sounds like a great tool to take with you especially while waiting to see the doctor, dentist, or whomever.

karenh said...


What a great tool. I am going to look into this for my mother.

Thanks for passing along the information.

GutsyWriter said...

As new visitor from The Writer's Porch, I had to say, "Hi." I attended the Santa Barbara Writers' Conference where they offered something like the Neo, but there was no flash drive, therefore I could not write and save onto my computer. This one looks so much better.

Glenda C. Beall said...

Thanks for all you comments and questions. Welcome Gutsy Writer.
I have the Neo, not the Neo2, but my Neo does all I want it to do. I send my files (I have room for 8 files) to my computer with a USB cable but my instruction book says I can send directly to my printer with a USB cable. The book also tells how to print using IR beaming,which I won't go into here. This little laptop does so much more than I've even tried since all I want is a basic wordprocessing system.