Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writing Class at JCCFS

Writing class at JCCFS


I am looking forward to teaching a weekend class at John C. Campbell Folk School January 23-25. My students will be coming from North Carolina, South Carolina, the north Georgia area and from Atlanta.

A weekend class is a bit more intense than a week-long class. We begin Friday evening after a delicious dinner served family style. You never know who you will meet at meals or where they have come from to take a class at John Campbell. You might sit with knitters or blacksmiths, or cooking enthusiasts. The only thing you know about your table mates, at first, is the name, city and state listed on their name tags. But if you ask a question, most folks are friendly and eager to talk.

What stories I've heard just from sitting with someone at a meal at JCCFS. Maybe it is the ambiance of the campus, the openness and friendliness of instructors and staff, but for the time we are there, we share like children at camp. We play and work together and often become life-long friends.

I am finalizing my lesson plans, printing handouts, and getting ready for a weekend of writing, talking, writing some more, and sharing stories --emotional, funny, poignant, sad, strong, regretful, and sincere. All the unique stories of individuals who have something they want to say about their lives, and together we will learn the best way to say it. I can't wait!


Nancy Simpson said...

Glenda, It is exciting to think of you teaching a class at the folk school in January. To me that is the best time to write. I know you will have a good class.

Susie Collins said...

Wish I could join you!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

What a wonderful idea for a session! I sometimes grow concerned when I see how many writing/publishing/promoting classes & seminars are out there, but we all have our individual niches.
I hope you have a grande time!! I gather it's in the mountains of NC? Stay warm!!

L. Diane Wolfe

tipper said...

I hope the class goes well! I've agree you meet some of the neatest people at the folk school!

Kathryn Magendie said...

I've never been to JCampbell - curious about it though!

Glenda C. Beall said...

Yes, Diane, the Folk School is set in the southwestern mountains of NC. It is sometimes called "Camp for Adults."
Go to the and you can learn all about this fabulous place. Last year the New York Times published an article about it. But be careful if you come -- it is addictive and you can't stay away.

tommye scanlin said...

The class was WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for being a caring and inspiring guide into the world of writing my family story.

Glenda C. Beall said...

Thank you, Tommye, for commenting. I was delighted to hear your stories and am glad to be of help. We'll have photos up soon on this site.