Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tiger, the cat

Tiger sleeps curled in a knot, but she has spells when she goes nuts.She has a short nub of a tail and a peculiar shape; a round head and round eyes.

Is there anything more entertaining than a cat? Our Tiger the bob-tailed kitty we brought home from the farm last December, seems to think her job is to make us smile or laugh most of the time. Today we sit, Barry and I, still in pajamas both fighting colds, grunting at each other once in a while, but Tiger won’t have that. She is playing the clown for us chasing shadows in a sunny spot on the floor. A slow moving fan on the deck outside the window creates her entertainment. The shadow of each blade creeps across the floor. She follows its path with her tiger eyes. Suddenly, both soft white paws, claws extended attacks that which isn’t there. The lithe cat spins, twists and stalks her ever-moving nemesis – all to no avail. She does this over and over, and I know she knows she can’t catch it.
The shadow is not as easy a prey as our little chipmunks that live under the rocks out front. I miss them running across the lower deck, streaking for cover when I go outside. I think Tiger caught the last one recently. She brought the poor thing upstairs to Barry as he sat in his chaise lounge outside. Barry rescued the injured creature and shooed Tiger away. But the damage had already been done. Although the chipmunk ran away, he was seen the next day, dazed and unprotected on the steps. He disappeared and hasn’t been seen again.
I love Tiger who once was Charlie’s cat until he had to move and couldn’t keep her. My only problem with her is that like all cats, she hunts. But when she is putting on a show as she is doing now, I forget her violent instinct, and enjoy the little kitten still living inside her.

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