Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Council Reunion coming up in Crawfordville, FL

Today I received a letter from the secretary of the Council Reunion down in Wakulla County, FL, inviting us to the big weekend in October. We won't be able to go this year.

I'm sure my cousins will have a great time. They plan a cake walk and an auction to make money for the perpetual care cemetery where my great grandfather, John Cecil Council who started this big clan, and many of his family are buried. As usual a fish fry will be held on Saturday night and a huge picnic dinner on Sunday.

The families of Noah Council and Redding Council are asked to bring information to share about those families.

Noah Columbus Council was born Sept. 13, 1862. He was the son of John Cecil Council and died May 18, 1926 in Crawfordville, FL and is buried in the Council Cemetery in Wakulla County. Noah married Loudy Vickers and had seven children. After she died, he married Sara Louvina (Lura)Greene and they had two children. So there should be quite a few descendants from this family at the next reunion.

Included in the letter I received today was a wonderful photograph taken at the first or second reunion held at the Lawrence Council home in Wakulla County, FL. To my surprise, there I was right in front, a teenager. While all my cousins had on sun dresses as befitted a warm October day in Florida, I wore a dark fall dress and I remember, not the reunion so much, but that dress. It was hot, hot hot!

I'll try to post that photograph if I can scan it into my computer.


Richard G. said...

I just came across your website as I am starting to research my grandmother's family.Lula Mae I believe her given name is Louisa Cornelia She was the daughter of Noah Columbus Council,sister of Clara,Beulah,Dillon,Noah A sr. and Debrorah and I am probably forgetting someone. I have not been to the reunion in years though my dad continues to go as often as possible and I hope to go back this coming year. I always enjoyed the reunion as a child. Great food and plenty of cousins to play football with. Any information on my ancestors would be greatly appreciated. Richard F. Gowdy

Glenda Beall said...

Richard, contact me through email - nightwriter0302@yahoo.com

I'll be glad to give you what I have on your family.