Sunday, September 21, 2008

After thirteen years of writing poems, stories, essays and newspaper articles, I finally decided to begin a scrapbook. Over the years I cut out articles I'd written, articles about me, and saved them all in a file folder. I had another file folder for my acceptances and rejections. On my computer I made a file to hold the compliments or kind words of others about my writing or my work for NCWN West.
The problem with my file folders is I never go and look at them or show them to anyone who might appreciate them. Tonight I made a start by inserting some of the many articles I've written over the years. I had also saved some articles written about me and with my photo.
The scrapbook has a 41/2 inch square in front for my picture. If I were a good scrapbooking person, I'd know how to make the pages look pretty. Maybe I'll take a class in scrapbooking with my friend Wanda who did a beautiful scrapbook, but left it on the coffee table and Spencer the lab chewed it and ruined it. I won't have that trouble. Rocky is not into chewing now that he is ten years old.
My favorite things I want to include in my book are the wonderful words of writers, close friends, and family who have supported my efforts as a writer and as the leader of NCWN West this past year.
Those are things I will cherish always.

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Tipper said...

I bet your scrapbook will be so full-you'll need more than one!